Paul Klee, Senecio.

Family Matters

I approach work by using a multi-generational approach with the support of a genogram (a family tree).This allows me, after two or three sessions, to have an in-depth overview and understanding of relationships within your family. As a systemic therapist, I believe that individuals are part of a larger system, called the family system whether all are present in the room or not.
We uncover important family events and dates. We track trauma, patterns of repeated behaviors, grieving resulting from different forms of loss. We also outline celebratory happy events such as births, marriages, accomplishments through generations. We call these life cycles. Quite often these important life cycles are experienced differently by men and women, adolescents, and even young children. However everyone is impacted by one’s family of origin.

The Story Unfolds as the Process Grows Deeper

Our goal is to highlight, explore and resolve relationship entanglements through a multi-layered lens. Some patterns need to be interrupted before they impact the following generations such as alcoholism, abuse, severe depression or family cut-offs.
Together we then process your genuine thoughts, and feelings that have been hidden or not dealt with. This allows you to become aware of how past events impact your present life and keep you “stuck”. Through this awareness and the use of new tools you will feel stronger, and more in charge of your well being. Indeed, one can feel so depleted of motivation and hope that symptoms of anxiety and depression become overwhelming and create negative impact on personal and work relationships.

My Part

During our sessions, I will be listening, reflecting back, re-framing, and giving you clear and nurturing guidance. Together, we will explore step by step the web of your life, the different types of life transitions you have experienced and the impact of important figures in your life. Understanding, knowledge, and using your renewed strength will allow you to regain control of your potential, set the necessary boundaries and recover your self-esteem.
I know that you will have the courage to make the necessary changes for a more fulfilling life. Your relationships will shift, become more sincere and meaningful. Remember, you, and only you are the expert of your life. I am the means for opening your personal power and encourage you to face life’s multiple challenges.

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