The Road Traveled

I was born in the United States, my father was Russian and my mother was Belgian. At the age of two, we left for Europe where I lived for 25 years mostly in Paris, France. I completed my Baccalaureate, and subsequently my BA in French and American literature at the University of Nanterre, Paris. In the late seventies I moved to Manhattan, and taught French for two years, while completing my Master’s Degree in Special Education in Learning Disabilities at New York University.
I took time off to be a mother of three and explore other interests, especially in the field of art. I then resumed my passion for psychology by attending a PsyD program at N.Y.U. and then transferring to Fairfield University in Connecticut where I completed my degree as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

A Passion and Personal Techniques Develop

I pursued this specialty by attending a post-graduate training course at the Family Institute of Westchester, developing expertise by working with families experiencing challenging life cycles and taxing individual circumstances. I also trained in complementary fields such as group therapy, psycho drama, family constellations, peer-parent mediation and emotionally focused therapy (EFT) at the Ackerman Institute in New York City.
Being a psychotherapist is a continuum of personal growth and exploration. My interest in human potential is endless as I believe that growth through better understanding is a powerful tool to achieve one’s deepest goals. I bring a very personable, attentive, and hands on interactive approach to my work with men, women, couples, parents and children. A committed therapeutic relationship enables one to safely explore concerns and personal issues often too overwhelming to deal with alone.

Change Arises through Understanding and Hard Work

Together we will explore hurt, betrayal, grief and trauma, addressing and finding solutions to anxiety and depression. I pay close attention to disappointments, stressors and communication roadblocks which often lower self-esteem and inner resources. Life’s unexpected blows and grief can frequently alter one’s ability to effectively cope in relationships within families and work while struggling to keep afloat.
As an agent of change, my goal is to improve communication between couples, parent and child and enhance performance within work and social arenas. I also specialize in the unique challenges of bi-cultural families, blended families, single parenting and being single in a couples’ world.