Children & Adolescents

I see children as well as adolescents. Sometimes, young adults need support during transitional periods such as adjusting to going to college.

Mary Cassatt, Sewing

Young Children

Working with young children involves very close collaboration. I will meet regularly with parents or significant adults. With parents, my goal is to improve peace at home and success in school through “positive” parenting. We strive for stronger self-esteem in your child who needs to feel nurtured, capable and accepted by you.
As parents you will develop a language of encouragement. This guidance helps your children to learn from his/her mistakes rather than be labeled as a difficult child and punished over and over again. As the child strives for positive reinforcement, and receives compassion and patience he/she develops skills to become a problem solver and a better listener.
In turn, you as parents will be better able to express your feelings and needs and your children will listen. You will lead by example, working as a team, creating a courteous and peaceful household for your family. Parenting can be your biggest challenge and also your most rewarding endeavor.

Child Development

I advise parents during the early years, understanding the different milestones that often become overwhelming. I bring knowledge of child developmental stages and expected progression of physical and emotional behaviors. We talk about weaning; interrupted sleep patterns, night anxiety, nightly visits to your bed, toilet training and so forth. This may produce stress and insecurity in you both as you struggle through exhaustion and loss of precious couple time.
I also address separation anxiety for both parent and child such as a parent returning to work, adjusting to a new baby sitter, or the arrival of a sibling and possible sibling rivalry which often provokes regression in behaviors.
Once you have gone through this early childhood, you face new challenges as your children reach the age of drop off programs, nursery or the first big day of Kindergarten. I will help you prepare and understand your emotions while encouraging your children to succeed and, to feel safe during their first adventures away from the safety of your arms and home.


Teens look at life differently than young children. My work with adolescents is based first on building trust, understanding their life context and respecting their need for privacy. Joining with them can be difficult so parents might need to step back and let the process develop between us. In my office, your teen will never be judged, criticized (neither will you) or told what to do.
Parental concerns increase as youngsters strive for more independence. Daily they face challenges and pressures such as academic achievement, social cliques, sexual curiosity, trying drugs and alcohol, or using food as control. As parents, you will have to develop trust in my expertise and be patient, remember these years are overwhelming to your child too.

Leaving for College

In some cases, adolescents struggle with the transition inherent to leaving to college. Tension might develop at home as your child attempts to prepare for this sudden freedom and independence. He or she will need to self-motivate and self-discipline their behaviors and academic performance.
They will need your encouragement and understanding as they mature through this challenging process. In some cases, parental and or therapy interventions might be required.

Parenting Goals

Together we will explore how to keep or renew the trust and communication between parent and child. Parents will better learn to coordinate their efforts and be on the same page in terms of rules and expectations. We will set proper limits as children of all ages need and thrive with boundaries. I will help you to resolve power conflicts, learn to say no and mean it, solves issues of helplessness and anxiety.
Through our work and your knowledge your child’s well-being will improve and your inner peace will return; your family’s balance will be restored.

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