Title Publication Type From To
Book on children coping with Mothers with breast cancer Book 2014
My First Launching Article 2010
Cultural Awareness Elementary Schools (Grenwich, CT) Lecture 2008
Being a Bilingual Kid Fasny & Barnes and Nobles Lecture 2008
Maître de Conférences Université de Long Island (NY) Enseignement 2007 2010
Drugs and Alcohol Task Force Scarsdale, NY Group 2007 2011
Assistant Professor/Supervisor Long Island University (Westchester Campus) Lecture 2007 2010
Interview on Blended Families and Step Mothers Television 2006
Flyer for Family Centers CT), Family Centers (Stamford, CT) Group 2006
Music & Arts Association Scarsdale, NY Group 2005 2007
Newcomers orientation French-American School in New York – FASNY (NY) Lecture 2005
Self-Help Group for Step-Parents WJCS Community Services (White Plains, NY) Group 2004 2014
Flyer for The Francophonelles — Founder and Leader The Francophonelles Group 2004
Grant to support Haitian Immigration Family Centers (Stamford, CT) Lecture 2003
Parenting After Divorce Scarsdale, NY Lecture 2003
Peer-Parent Mediation City Court (Stamford, CT) Group 2003
Step-Mother Group – Founder and Leader Scarsdale, NY Group 2001 2010
Relocation & Adjustment French-American School in New York – FASNY (NY) Lecture