Create and maintain a healthy balanced relationship now and for the future

With a loving partner by my side and plans for marriage and a life together, I came to Vivian for happy reasons. I was looking for guidance in creating a stronger foundation as we take our next life steps together. My partner and I came to the relationship with different life experiences and I found myself with many questions as to how to blend two very different lives together.
How do I successfully transition from my single status to that of a married woman with adult stepchildren? How do I honor my own needs and at the same time be respectful of my partner and his family? How do we all navigate the feelings that this new change brings? How can we maintain and improve communication and resolve conflict in a loving way? I wanted to take a proactive approach to this new chapter and premarital counseling felt like the natural next step for me and my partner.
I’ve worked with Vivian individually and as a couple, and have seen great progress very quickly. After our first couple’s session, my partner and I were able to move past previous stumbling blocks. She’s compassionate, understanding and extremely effective. She gets to the heart of the matter with ease and has helped us identify a more positive approach towards resolution. With her guidance, I truly feel we’re developing the tools to create and maintain a healthy balanced relationship now and for the future.