An amazing listener and an unbelievable and dedicated therapist

Vivian helped my husband and I work through a very bleak and dark point of our marriage. It was a few months after I had given birth to our daughter that I noticed a major shift in our relationship. We were more like distant roommates than the loving, fun, couple who had celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary with love and excitement for each other the year before. We had a darling, sweet, baby girl to take care of but we hadn’t taken care of our marriage while I was pregnant and after she was born, we had drifted apart more and more each day.
I knew we needed professional help. I came across Vivian’s name and reached out to her immediately. She made us feel comfortable and at ease instantly. She is so warm, caring and kind. We saw Vivian every week for almost 2 years. I truly believe we wouldn’t have made it through that first year, after our daughter was born, without her guidance and support. She is so understanding and compassionate; she makes it easy to speak openly in her sessions. My husband was reluctant to go to couples counseling at the beginning but once we met Vivian, he knew it was the right move for us and she was the right fit. Vivian is an amazing listener and an unbelievable and dedicated therapist. She saved our marriage and family and we are forever grateful.